Keep an Eye on These Unexpected Interior Design Trends in 2019

March 13, 2019

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The tides have once again shifted with the New Year and interior design’s most innovative and intriguing frontrunners have started to emerge against the redundant and tired decor trends of the past. There is no one direction for 2019—in fact, trends are sprawling across different avenues, from bold additions to pared-downed solutions. And while there are shifts in popularity to be expected, some of these trends are downright surprising.


Keeping up with new introductions in the interior design world is a full-time job, which is why we’ve consulted our designers. Read on to see what they’ve been keeping an eye on, what they’re currently fascinated by, and what we can expect to see more of this year. Consider using these in your 2019 renovations to be ahead of the curve when designing your chic new space. 



Most know terrazzo as the sterile, outdated looking flooring that lines hospitals, government buildings, and offices, in which stylish interior design would not be the first phrase that comes to mind. Terrazzo of the past was hit or miss, with the hits being far and few between, but it has made a comeback with a fresh perspective on patterns and materials. Many designers have incorporated terrazzo prints into their upholstery, wallpaper, and even reimagined classic terrazzo flooring and countertops. “Terrazzo was very of its time, but it’s making an appearance in tile, flooring, and decor in a refreshing new way. It’s a pattern that really speaks for the aesthetic of the whole room. You easily get a sense of who the homeowner is”, says designer Aliana F.

The ideal color scheme to give these flecks of color a new life is a warmer, more earthy palette. Look for apricot and peach shades that incorporate green and blue to bring a true retro look to your space. This pattern is cheeky, with a vintage throwback feel that is undeniable. Including a terrazzo floor, wallpaper, or print into the space can bring a playful reference to the past with ease.


Bright Velvets

“Velvet brings an unimaginably glam addition to any room. There is no other fabric that delivers the same effect at first glance”, says designer Francesca R. And it’s true—velvet brings an old-glamour, vintage touch to a room, even if it is a contemporary piece. And while we typically envision velvet in dark and decadent shades, our designers have noticed an uptick of loud and proud shades using this fabric to mix this old school glamour with contemporary shades.

Designers are making bolder choices with vivid jewel tones and primary colors, and it’s been able to effectively reimagine the ways in which velvet can be used, as well as create some visibly striking, unique statement pieces. You’ll notice velvet couches or accent chairs made of cobalt, red, or mustard as pieces used to really define the style of the room.

Buckingham Living


Wallpaper Backsplashes

“I will always, always, always love adding wallpaper to small and unexpected places. There’s nothing that adds the same visual punch”, gushes designer Kelli B. What to do with small spaces that seem to serve no design purpose? Add a touch of wallpaper. We’re talking about areas like the inside of your bookcase, inside kitchen cabinets, as a countertop backsplash, and in other areas that are set back. This also works in home or apartment layouts that have an alcove or recessed walls that could use a little punch of style. This gives your space an added pop of style in an unexpected and surprising way. Most of us wish we could find the right way to incorporate a beautiful print to our space without overdoing it, and with areas like this, you may have found your match. Use wallpaper in smaller spaces to further the look of your design in a unique way.


Black Kitchens

Sleek, dramatic, and sophisticated—three words that are more prone to be used to describe a bedroom or living room than a kitchen. This year, black kitchens are in, making kitchens more elevated than ever.

Black never goes out of style. And while we typically think of kitchens as bright and airy spaces that use palettes that inspire warmth and comfort, black just brings a timeless chic sensibility that we can’t argue against. You’ll find black kitchens to be extra popular in cities around the globe, as it’s an excellent way to work with what might be limited space and still inspire that stylish, cool feel.

Our designer Christine M. is a long-time fan: “I’ve been into darker kitchens for a while now. And is there anything more chic than a matte black kitchen? Our expected palettes for specific rooms are changing, and this is one of my favorite new trends to emerge from that. I’m glad the rest of the design world has caught on.”

Decor Aid’s interior designers also recommend adding different colors and finishes into the mix so that the black doesn’t feel all encompassing and make your kitchen appear smaller. Look to white marble countertops and brass or gold hardware to really get the most from this trend.

Holiday Floral Arrangements

December 18, 2018

Whether it’s a holiday dinner, or a boxing day get together, we are all bound to be hosting or attending a dinner party this season. Our dining tables become central to all gatherings with family and friends. This year, as you’re putting a holiday table setting together, or getting reading to head to another dinner party, don’t hesitate to make a holiday floral arrangement. Adding a floral element to your table is an easy way to elevate your space. By adding a pop of color, your table is not only brighter, but the freshness of the spruce, cedar, and eucalyptus will add a wonderful fragrance to your home. I’ve also found that giving my friends and family a holiday arrangement is better than a gift!


Flowers have the ability transform a space. Whether you want to make a specific centrepiece for your dinner setting or simply liven up your table throughout the season, having the right shape of arrangement can make all the difference.

We prefer to match our style of arrangement with the table we have. For instance, if we have a rectangular table, like the Florence Rectangular Dining Table, we’ll make a longer arrangement to take advantage of the table length.

For this arrangement, we opted for an oval vase. Starting with foliage, we placed pieces of spruce, cedar, eucalyptus and pine together to form a sturdy base for our flowers. We then added in red daisies, white chrysanthemums, and freesia’s. Our final touches were some red winterberries for an added festive feel. Feel free to use your own variety of flowers and foliage- after all, this is all about customizing your space for the holiday season!

The same process can be used when creating a circular arrangement. You can determine the size of your arrangement based on whether or not you want your arrangement to be on your table during the main course. We opted for a smaller sized arrangement for the Fenwick Round Dining Table so that we could have space for our place settings.

When making circular arrangements, I find it best to start with a making a tape grid. I do 5×5 sections across my vase. This will aid in arranging the flowers and keep them in place afterwards! If you do choose to make a grid, pour in your water after creating the grid. This will ensure that your tape sticks to the vase and does not peel off.  Now, you can add in your foliage base. We used the same foliage as above (cedar, spruce, and eucalyptus). When you are happy with your foliage base, you can begin to add in your larger flowers (in this case the red daisies). Follow up with some more delicate flowers (freesias and chrysanthemum) after and add in your winterberries as the final touch!

Happy Holidays!

Eco-Friendly Designs for Earth Day

April 22, 2014

Recycling and public transportation aren’t the only ways to reduce your carbon footprint this Earth Day. Go green year-round with our selection of sustainable (and oh so stylish) Copeland Furniture, available in-store now. Here’s how:

  • Local – based in Vermont, the state with the highest ecological standards in America, Copeland keeps things local by only accepting lumber from within a 500-mile radius.
  • Ethical – Copeland is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified, ensuring that their materials come from forests that are not ecologically threatened, do not have high conservation significance and do not contain genetically modified trees.
  • Official – one of few companies awarded the prestigious Silver Exemplary Membership Status by the Sustainable Furnishings Council (SFC), Copeland uses 15-25% FSC-certified (or equivalent) wood, 1-25% non-wood products made from recycled or bio-based materials, has completed a carbon footprint report and is committed to making supply chain improvements as a result of sustainability efforts.

Rooted in values of preservation and environmental stewardship, this award-winning brand demonstrates that high style is possible, even for the low-impact environmentally conscious crowd. Mother Nature would be so proud.

1. Hot Seat

Standing up for the environment can get pretty tiring. Recharge in style and sustainability with this must-have piece. Morgan Side Chair With Natural Walnut Low Sheen, $755

2. Top Drawer

Organization never looked so good. This timeless four-drawer tallboy brings the great outdoors inside, complete with retro detailing. Astrid 4 Drawer Natural Cherry, $1,975

3. Park It

Nature lovers rejoice! Bring a touch of the great outdoors to any humble abode with this campsite-inspired design. Audrey Table Natural Walnut Low Sheen, $2,599

4. Sleeping Beauty

Sleep soundly knowing you’re snoozing on a bed made with wood that’s high on style and short on environmental impact. Astrid Queen With Two Panel Headboard Natural Walnut, $3,255

5. Take a Stand

Not every eco-decision you make will be as beautiful as this American cherry wood nightstand that doubles as an equally chic end table. Astrid 1 Drawer With Shelf Maple Cocoa, $955

Grown Up Pad for a New Grad

April 11, 2014

So you’re graduating from university. Congratulations! Say goodbye to dilapidated dorm rooms and house shares, and welcome the next phase of your life with grown-up furniture and décor for your new flat. Still feeling like an undergrad? With our adult-friendly yet youthful pieces, we’ll help you fake it until you make it.

1. Get Organized

If the pile of clothes on your floor isn’t looking that orderly anymore, it’s time to invest in a proper dresser. On that note, pick up a laundry basket as well. Mom will be so proud. Vintage 6 Drawer Dresser in American Walnut, $1,779

2. It’s a Tuft Life

Sink into style in this tufted sofa – it’s sure to impress protective parents and prospective partners alike. Pancini Sofa Dark Grey, $1,119

3. Art Attack

Yes, you are too old for pin-up posters. It’s time to invest in real artwork that will take you from your first home to your last. Impression Wall Décor, $139

4. Sit Down

The days where you had to eat ramen noodles on the go are long gone. A dining table and chic chairs are must-haves for those swanky dinner parties you’ll soon be hosting (right?). Dover Dining Table in Walnut, $575 and Salto Side Chair in Charcoal, $229

5. Move Over Futon

As comfortable as your futon felt when you were a sleep-deprived 20-year-old, trust us – nothing feels better then a full night’s rest. Vintage Bed Queen in American Walnut, $1,679

Other accessories include (clockwise from left): Bolo Glass Vase Tall in Turquoise, Walden Table Lamp, Diamond Orange Cushion, Potted Green and White Plant

Colour with Confidence

April 4, 2014

Juicy shades of aubergine, blue and greens – this season is all about colour. We’ve curated our favourite tones to brighten up your home while we wait for the sunshine to arrive for good. These striking springtime picks are at the top of our roster, and you’re sure to love them too!

Green With Envy

You’ll be seeing the green-eyed monster this spring with pieces so delicious, you might want to take a bite out of them.

1) Pancini Sofa in Green. 2) Apple Small Green. 3) Dawson Green Rug. 4) Orchid Potted Triple Stem 23” 5) Floral Green Cushion

Punch Of Purple

Purple is synonymous with royalty – and that’s exactly how you’ll be feeling with deep, rich purples and playful pastels lightening up your home.

1) Zig Zag Pillow in Multi 2) Lotto Purple Mirror 3) Madison Sofa Purple 4) Moon Vase 5) Random Purple Rug

Feeling Blue

We’re feeling blue and not in a melancholy way. These bright blues have captured our hearts and we’re sure they’ll capture your guests’ attention, too.

1) Vine Print Blue Cushion 2) Thin Vase Tall in Blue 3) Coral Sky Rug 4) Rosilini Sofa in Blue 5) Park Chair Blue

Get Fresh With MOE’S & Giveaway

March 14, 2014

Spring is in the air! Shake off the cobwebs, chase away those dust bunnies and bring your space back to life with pieces designed to clear the clutter and add a jolt of colour. With a $200 gift card and a free in-store home styling consultation for the taking, you’ll have the freshest house on the block come spring (and it’s coming – we promise).

Don’t miss this chance to kickstart your spring cleaning. Enter below!

1) Make a clean break. Get organized (not to mention stylish) by curating a collection of your favourite objects on the Brooklyn Open Bookshelf.
2) Let there be light! While we wait for the sunshine to reveal itself, ditch the darkness in your space with the Orb Light Pendant.
3) Who’s the fairest of them all? We bet the Burst Mirror would place handsomely, thanks to its boho-chic frame and on-trend mixed metallic finish.
4) Prints charming! Dare to introduce pattern into your space with the Blue Green Diamond toss cushion.
5) Take a seat! Citron makes a tangy addition to any space, thanks to The Mancini Lounge Chair with rolled seat, fabric-covered buttons and retro silhouette.
6) Blue skies ahead – or at least this vase will have you thinking so. The Sky Vase (Short) is the perfect playful piece for the foyer, dining room or boudoir.

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The Big Reveal

February 13, 2014

After months of construction, plenty of sawdust and a whole lot of anticipation, we finally unveiled our new flagship store showroom at GRAY Magazine’s 2nd anniversary party on Thursday, February 6. More than 250 industry guests and media noshed on snacks from Savoury Chef while toasting to our makeover with signature Moetinis, local brews from Parallel 49 and vino from La Stella winery.

Guests gathered in our newly constructed LIVING by MOE’S space to chat, bust a move and peruse four mirrors created by local designers Sarah Carver, Christian Woo, Joel Berman and Gaile Guevara. Guests purchased raffle tickets to enter to win these one-of-a-kind pieces, as well as door prizes from Pot Inc., Hawksworth Restaurant, Ladies & Gentlemen Studio and Hotel Max in Seattle, with nearly $2,000 raised in support of St. Paul’s Hospital Foundation, benefitting programs and services at St. Paul’s Hospital for people living with mental illness.

In case you missed out on the action (or you want a sneak-peek of our new space!), check out our favourite snaps from the night below. Thanks to everyone who came, and for your support of one of our favourite causes.

An Extra Dose of Love

February 7, 2014

Valentine’s Day is on the way! Take a few cues from Cupid and inject your space with an extra dose of love, just in time for the most romantic day of the year.

The Traditional
When February 14th comes to mind, so do flowers and wine. Make your favourite flowers pop with a stylish vase, or go the low-maintenance route with lifelike posies that will last for years to come. Top it all off with a whimsical red wine rack and toast to a job well done!

Juno Lacquer Bamboo Pin Vase Tall Mandarin $89
Peony Single Stem in Pink $7.95
Vinello Wine Rack in Red $119

The Avant Garde
Pull out all the stops with occasional chairs in fun shades that will carry you well into summer. Sit pretty in a red haute seat or a pink armchair fit for a princess for a kitschy yet classy shot of colour. Either accent is guaranteed to get hearts throbbing.

Moro Club Chair in Red $389 ON SALE
Valencia Club Chair in Pink $399

The Romantic
No cozy space is complete without candles. Opt for candleholders you can reuse all year round. Add a sweet heart-shaped piece (or two) to the mix and you won’t regret your Valentine’s Day spend come March. After all, a little lovin’ can go a long way.

Aluminum Rock Candle Holder Tall $76.95
Open Heart Aluminum Multi Wall Hook $49.95

Instagram Snapshot: January 2014 @MoesHome

January 26, 2014

A monthly wrap up of our favourite Insta-moments. Follow us on Instagram @MoesHome for a backstage pass!

Clockwise from top left

Brooklyn Beauties
Our industrial chic Brooklyn collection became an Instagram favourite – almost instantly.

Cutting the Ribbon
We were all smiles celebrating the opening of our showroom at AmericasMART Market in Atlanta.

Showroom Chic
Our new rug line and furniture collection at AmericasMART market in Atlanta were popular with customers online and offline!

Preppin’ for the Party
We kicked it at the Las Vegas Market with gift bags and Moetinis.

Special Delivery
Our customers make us blush! Our Seattle store received a bouquet of flowers. 

Northwest Natural
Instagram followers showered our live edge table with likes – 14 to be exact. 

Stay tuned for next month’s Instagram snapshot!


Moe’s Winter Warmup & Giveaway!

January 22, 2014

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, there’s no better time to combat the dreary weather and snuggle up with a loved one. Ward off the winter blues with cozy pieces from Moe’s Home Collection and turn your home into a comfy cocoon with stylish (and practical) creature comforts. From mugs made for sipping hot chocolate to cuddly pillows and welcoming throws, we’ve got goodies guaranteed to keep you warm all season long! Don’t miss your chance to WIN a bundle of comforting accessories from Moe’s Home Collection. Enter below!

You don’t have to trek outside for a romantic evening. Curate the perfect place for some one-on-one time at home by lighting a few candles and huddling up to the fireplace with cozy cushions and throws. Add a soothing beverage or two to the mix for the ultimate comfort – fly solo with a single infused cup of tea, or break out the full tea set for a cup of chamomile à deux.

Now that things are heating up, we’ll leave the rest of your rendezvous to you.

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