How To: Style the Navy Plunge

October 22, 2018

Plunge Navy Living Room

The Plunge Sectional has been our most popular sectional for years. Our customers love the soft cushions and how quickly they sink into them. This year, we’ve released a new color- navy! While navy is one of the trending colors of 2019, it can also be one of those colors that is perceived to be harder to style than others. This blog post will break down how the Plunge Navy Living Room Shot was created at our most recent photoshoot.

When choosing the seating to your living room, there are often a few things you want to think about: what’s the purpose of your room and how many people are you going to be seating at a time? If your living room has to be a functional space for both your family and your dinner parties, having a variety of seating functions is going to aid in making sure your space can be transitional.

St Anne Club Chair Brown

Moreover, we like having different options for seating because it allows for fluid conversations. Not all your seating has to be once color. The additional chair you choose, whether it be an arm chair or a club chair, does not have to match your sofa or sectional, but transition well into your space. Our designer paired the Plunge with organic wooden tones in the brown leather of the St Anne Club Chair for this reason and to expand the color palate we had.

Colvin Shelf W/Drawers

Storage is a very important component to any room. Since we picked a coffee table that does not have an inside storage component, we wanted to add another storage option. The Colvin Storage Unit boasts three spacious drawers and multiple shelves making it, what we believe to be, the perfect storage solution for this space.

Colvin Shelf W/Drawers

In our last blog post, we talked about how the little details can make a big difference. Adding accessories that bring together your space can be a lot easier than it seems. We chose our gold spheres, golden bull, and squirrel sculptures to keep adding in warm tones that contrasted the cool blue of the Plunge Sectional. The orange and blue binding of the books also aids in creating a stark contrast to each other.

Plunge Sectional Navy

Contrasting colors are a great way to add personality to your space. We chose orange to contrast the navy because they oppose each other on the color wheel. Opposing colors have the tendency to pop out in your space and can therefore, become your focal points. Take these two pictures below for instance, the orange pillow in the top image stands out from the blue pillows in the second.

Plunge Sectional Navy

Here at Moe’s, we have a wide variety of lamb fur and goat fur pillows. These pillows are great for adding texture to your space in a variety of colors and sizes.

Moe's Home Pillows

If adding a contrasting color isn’t your style, and you prefer a monochrome or toned-down look, different variations in blue will pair well with the Plunge too.

Pasquale Single Layer Pendent Lamp

Let’s talk about lighting. Lighting can, at times, be the make or break of a room. While designing this room, our designer opted for a more rustic piece with cool chestnut tones and iron hardware. Even though the Pasquale Single Layer Pendent Lamp, is more traditional in its design, when paired with this contemporary ensemble, it ties together the room giving it a transitional cozy feel.

Small Details that Make a Big Difference

September 24, 2018

Sometimes our spaces just need a little bit of TLC.

In my house, spring cleaning has always been very important, but whatever happened to the fall refresher? Our living rooms are where we spend a lot of time with our family and friends. Over time, these spaces can get a little bit too lived in. However, this doesn’t mean that we have to go about redoing the entire space. Sometimes, adding some TLC can make a world of a difference. There are several ways to approach refreshing your space- one of the best is by looking at what you use and what you don’t use. Most often, we find things that we have outgrown and they’ve ended up collecting dust and adding unnecessary clutter to our spaces. Think about what you need versus what you don’t. For instance, adding a side or accent table can give you an organizational hub and a pop of color to your space that might be feeling a little bit too cluttered these days.

Tobin Living Room

Paintings are a great way to establish a color palate or tie your room together. We chose the Euphoria Wall Décor because it brought together the golden hues of the Kettel Accent Table. Adding a painting that has hints of gold into a room that is already defined by the warm wooden tones, draws your space together giving it a sophisticated and finished feel.

Kettel Accent Table

Table top accents are also a great way to add life to your space. Working with the warm tones of our painting, we added the Titan Vase and this Sax Player Statue. As decorative elements, both these items work well within the space as they tie together the natural tones of our chosen color palate.

Sax Player Statue

Throws, pillows, and poufs are also a great way to add style to your space, especially on a budget. Our Lamb and Goat Fur Pillows and Poufs (yes, we really do have it all), come in a variety of colors that are perfect to mix and match to achieve your perfect style combination. We chose light natural tones to add texture, while maintaining this design’s organic feel.

Tobin Coffee Table and Accents

We also find that by adding a few tabletop accents, we are giving our spaces an artistic flare, while maintaining a simple design. We chose to add pieces from the wooden animal collection as well as Iron Orb Black Marble (pictured above), because they complement the natural and industrial elements of our room.

Wooden Rhino and Elephant

The last thing we did was add a new floor lamp. The Spotlight Floor Lamp was the perfect addition to this living room because its black exterior matched the Kirby Sofa, while its light brass interior pulled out the warm hues of the Tobin Collection.

Tobin Living Room

You don’t have to go all out and buy a new living room set. Accessories are a great way to add pops of color for a fraction of the price. Add a painting, some new plants, pillows or a new lamp to keep your space bright during the fall season. If you find yourself having a hard time with finding a solution that works for you, take a picture of the room you want to accessorize and one of our sales associates will be sure to help you find you some incredible options that suit your style and personality.

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