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                                             Moe’s  was  founded  by  Moe  Samieian  Sr.

                                             in  Vancouver,  BC  in  1986.  Moe’s  first  began

                                             as  a  retailer  of  fine  rugs  and  furniture.

                                             In 1999, Moe’s opened its wholesale operation

                                             based in San Francisco and by the early 2000’s,

                                             both Sara Samieian and Moe Samieian Jr joined

                                             their father to work for  Moe’s Home Collection.

                                             Operating       three     retail   stores     in    the

                                             Pacific    Northwest,     along     with    additional

                                             licensed      stores     in    Canada       and     the

                                             USA     -    our    50,000     sq.    foot     flagship

                                             store    is   in    Downtown       Vancouver,       BC.

                                             The     Wholesale      division    is   now      based

                                             in  Seattle,  WA.  In  addition,  we  exhibit  in

                                             3  Major  USA  shows  (High  Point,  Las  Vegas,

                                             and  Atlanta).

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